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Assist-Personal Activities

Help with personal tasks, to enable members to live independently. We provide workers with relevant skills sets and additional qualifications such as behavior support teams to meet your needs to live as autonomously as possible. We help you to stay in touch with people who are significant to you or make new contacts and acquaintances.

Community Nursing Care

Here at Matrix Health Solutions under Community nursing to meet your health care needs we provide both clinical and primary health care working with other health care staff. We have dignified support systems built which include showering, dressing, and grooming. Our mission is to provide high quality medical care considering your satisfaction.

Innov Community Participation

Activities and projects in local societies are an indispensable component in getting the best out of the participation, capacity, and inclusion of incapacitated people in society. They can also help to build intergenerational harmony and help to combat social segregation. Here at Matrix Health Solutions we consider these projects are a means to bring their skills and capability in contributing to local communities and society as a whole.

Household Tasks

Our specialized carers support you with everyday errands such as light domestic cleaning, laundry and changing the beds so that you can choose other activities to assign your time.

We aim to accommodate your tastes and can prepare delicious and nutritious home-made meals using components and recipes you relish.

From supervising a home delivery to organizing a gardener or even assisting with your pets or shopping, we can help you to coordinate the odds and ends of life.

Participate Community

In our lives, we all want a bit of fun. Is it one of your priorities to be able to find and involve yourself in social gatherings, festivals, and other group activities? We can help.
To improve your ability to handle your life independently, and to engage in your community, we may provide short-term or continuous support. To help attend appointments and take part in social events, you can receive help communicating with services and community organizations.

Group/Centre Activities

This facilitation will help you with being more proactive in your chosen community with the people and activities you have chosen. Stay connected with people who are significant to you or make new friends and links. Attend group activities like arts and crafts, relaxation groups or fitness groups such as yoga and dance.

Plan Management

Plan management is one of the options you have for managing the money in your NDIS Plan. Plan management gives you choice and control over how you use your NDIS budget but with the support of a “plan manager” who helps manage your funds and pays your bills.